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After a cardiac evaluation is performed by your family doctor, he or she may recommend you see a specialist for one of the following tests or procedures:

Stress Thallium/Myoview Scan (Treadmill)
Myocardial Perfusion Imaging Stress Test is usually done in Nuclear Medicine Departments or Cardiac Clinics. They may perform the test on an outpatient or inpatient basis. The test involves two injections of a small amount of radioactive...more >>

Persantine Stress Thallium Scan
Some people, because of a variety of disabilities or effect of medications are unable to exercise adequately on a treadmill to achieve an optimal heart rate. In these cases, an injection of a drug called Persantine can produce an effect on the heart similar to exercise. Your physician will choose the type of stress testing.

Exercise Stress Echocardiogram
Exercise first, followed by an ultrasound of the heart.

Stress ECG (Treadmill)
Run treadmill hooked up to EKG that monitors heart while exercising.

ABI - Ankle/Brachial Indices
This test is called an ankle brachial index. It involves obtaining blood pressures at the brachial artery and at the ankles.

DAM - Duplex Arterial Mapping
This test is usually ordered after the patient has had an ABI. It scans all the arteries in the legs looking for a narrowing or blockage of an artery.

Arterial Testing
This test is just an extension of the ABI test with more information obtained at 4 sites on each leg giving pressures and waveforms on each leg. A more in depth study on the arterial flow within the lower extremeties.

Renal Duplex Artery Scan
This test is a scan of the abdomen looking at the kidneys measuring the size of the kidneys and finding the renal arteries leading to the kidney's looking for blockages or narrowing of the renal arteries. This test is usually ordered because the patient has uncontrolled high blood pressure.

Carotid Duplex Artery
This test involves obtaining information on arterial flow to the brain and accessing the atherosclerotic plaque within the artery.

Abdominal Duplex Vascular Study
This is a scanning of the abdomen region looking for a focal dilation of the aorta artery.

Venous Doppler
This test involves an examination of the legs or arms looking for a deep vein thrombus (blood clot). patients usually experience swelling, shortness of breath, limb pain.

Echocardiogram, Doppler & Colorflow
Ultrasound of the heart.


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